Treasure island: does the 'island' share any resemblance with point lobos?

Lobos is nowhere near be called as an island. Lobos for an Island in those times. The lead character of the tale explains his encounter with marine animals while circling the Island, “I saw massive slimed monsters – soft snails, as it were, of amazing bigness – two or 3 rating of them with each other, making the rocks to echo with their barking. She authored Photos of America which was based upon Factor Lobos. Her partner is a direct offspring of Alexander MacMillan Allan, who got Factor Lobos from a designer, initially of 1898, to maintain the land in open room as opposed to a prepared subdivision. She believes that the possibilities of Stevenson establishing foot on Point Lobos are low. He was trapped inside in the rainfall with his 11-year-old stepson, and also he began telling stories to his stepson to kill monotony.

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