Western Division Board
The Western Divisional Board is the administrative body for the Gaelic Athletic Association in Northern California, at present this encompasses the Greater Bay Area. It is responsible for scheduling fixtures and appointing referees for games at our home fields on Treasure Island, handling registrations and supporting new club development initiatives.

Gaelic Games have been played in the San Francisco area for over a hundred years, the board in it's present form has been active since the late 1970's.

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July 16th, 2014
San Francisco Gaa remaining July Fixtures

 San Francisco Gaa remaining July Fixtures:

Saturday, July 19th:

2:00pm, Intermediate Men’s Football: YISB v Treacys          
Referee: Declan O'Donnell. Officials: Ulster (all 6 officials)

3:20pm, Junior Men’s Football: Ulster v YISB                         
Referee: Treacys. Officials: Treacys (all 6 officials)

4:40pm, Senior Men’s Football: Treacys v YISB
Referee: Maurice Condon. Officials: Ulster (all 6 officials)

Sunday, July 20th:

11:00am, Junior Hurling: Naomh Padraig v St. Josephs           
Referee: Maurice Condon. Officials: Cusacks & Boru/Celts

12:20pm, Senior Mens Football: Cusacks V Ulster                   
 Referee: Maurice Condon. Officials: Naomh Padraig & St. Josephs

1:40pm, Intermediate Mens Football: Boru/Celts v Ulster
Referee: Declan O'Donnell, Officials: Cusacks (all 6 officials)

Weekend of Sunday, July 27th there will be no games.

Please come out and support your team, $5 Entry to games and No Dogs allowed on SF Gaa grounds.

July 7th, 2014
Western Division Gaa updated July Schedule:

Western Division Gaa updated July Schedule:

Saturday, July 12th:

1:00pm, Junior Mens Football: YISB v Eire Og
2:20pm, Junior Mens Football: Ulster v Michael Cusacks

3:40pm, Senior Mens Football: Michael Cusacks v YISB                        

5:00pm, Senior Mens Football: Ulster v Sean Treacy's          

Sunday, July 13th:

10:00am, Intermediate Ladies Football: Fog City Harps v Clan na Gael        

11:20am, Junior Hurling: Naomh Padraig v St. Josephs            

12:40pm, Senior Hurling: Naomh Padraig v Na Fianna              

2:00pm, Intermediate Mens Football: Sons of Borus\Celts v Sean Treacy's       

3:20pm, Intermediate Mens Football: Ulster v YISB                        
4:40pm, Junior Hurling: SF Rovers v Na Fianna              

Saturday, July 19th:
2:00pm, Intermediate Mens Football: YISB v Sean Treacy's         
3:20pm, Junior Mens Football: Ulster v YISB                           
4:40pm, Senior Mens Football: Sean Treacy's v YISB      

Sunday, July 20th:

11:00am, Junior Hurling: Naomh Padraig v St. Josephs            
12:20pm, Senior Mens Football: Michael Cusacks v Ulster                     

1:40pm, Intermediate Mens Football: Sons of Boru/Celts v Ulster                     

Sunday, July 27th:
Treasure Island fields are unavailable on July 26th\27th -- games originally scheduled for this day will be refixed as needed for a new date\time and\or location.

July 3rd, 2014
Happy 4th of July & Fixtures for 12th & 13th of July;

SF GAA wish all our members, supporters and sponsors a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. We will see you all the following weekend, where we have games both on Saturday and Sunday;

Sat July 12th, 1:00, JNR F: YISB v Eire Og

Sat July 12th, 2:20, JNR F: Cusacks v Ulster

Sat July 12th, 3:40, INT F: Ulster v YISB

Sat July 12th, 5:00, SNR F: Ulster v Sean Treacys

Sun July 13th, 10:00, INT LF: Fog City Harps v Clan na Gael

Sun July 13th, 11:20, JNR H: Naomh Padraigh v St. Josephs

Sun July 13th, 12:40, INT F: Celts/Boru v Treacys

Sun July 13th, 2:00, SNR H (2): Naomh Padraigh v Na Fianna

Sun July 13th, 3:20, SNR F: Cusacks v YISB

Sun July 13th, 4:40, JNR H: Na Fianna v SF Rovers

Please come out and support your team, $5 Entry to games and No Dogs allowed on SF Gaa grounds.

Our 2014 SF Gaa Senior Football Championship Table:

Treacys: 2 Wins vs YISB & Cusacks, & 1 Draw vs Ulster - 5pts

Ulster: 1 Win vs YISB, 1 Draw vs Treacys & 1 Loss vs Cusacks - 3pts

Cusacks: 1 Win vs Ulster & 2 Losses vs YISB & Treacys - 2pts

YISB: 1 Win vs Cusacks & 2 Losses vs Treacys & Ulster - 2pts

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