Meiosis called reduction division

As an example when a cell with 8 chromosomes obtains divided by meiosis, it will certainly produce just 4 chromosomes in each of the new daughter cells. Meiosis 1 is for that reason referred to as heterotypic department. The four phases of this division are called prophase-1, metaphase -1, anaphase -1, and telophase -1. This pairing is summary as well as is done just by homologous chromosomes. Then by an essential process called going across over or recombination. In the cell a pin – like framework is formed by assistance of mini tubules. Each of these nuclei is haploid containing one chromosome from each homologous pair. Meiosis 2 is as a result known as homotypic division. The 4 phases of this department are

Prophase -II: when there is no interkinesis, the telophase -1 pin, as stated above is replaced by two brand-new pins and also the centrioles as well as asters, if present, duplicate as well as one duplicate of each concerns lie at each pole of new spindle. Chromosomes, each including two chromatids, appear in the core. Nucleolus disappears. The chromatids of each chromosome are joined at their kinetochores by chromosomal mini tubules prolonging from the contrary posts of the spindle as in mitosis. Here they are called chromosomes. Nucleolus is created in each nucleus.

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