Fulham football club – london's oldest professional football club

There’s a great deal greater than simply longevity to advise a check out to Craven Home – the riverside home of Fulham Football Club since 1896. Although I lived a long way from London, Fulham were the first team from the higher divisions I ‘sustained’. Johnny Haynes, Tony Macedo, Tosh Chamberlain, George Cohen – all excellent players; Haynes among the greatest ever before. The finest goal I ever saw was racked up by Best in a League Mug tie versus Peterborough United in September, 1976. The followers there are always passionate regarding their team and you’re close adequate to the pitch to be able to really feel part of the action. To an outsider, it does always seem as if Fulham has actually been able to hold on to a few of that typical environment, however. The Cottage is still idiosyncratically there – an absurdity in a modern stadium yet an integral part of this set. If you’re seeking to most likely to a video game in London, then give Craven Cottage a try – it’s well worth it. And, incidentally, it is a terrific place to visit enjoy the Boat Race.

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