Socotra island – isolated natural treasure

The island chain contains the primary island of Socotra and also three smaller islands understood jointly as The Brothers Abd al Kuri, Samhah and also Darsa. Most Socotris still live without power, running water or a paved road. The primary island is a little over 130 km (80 mi) long and about 35 kilometres (21 mi) wide. The red granite tops are peppered with silver lichens which expand heavily on the bare rocks above the timberline. Streams bubble below the misty heights, including vibrant fish as well as freshwater crabs. Limestone plateau spread east as well as west, supplying alkaline dirts for the renowned Dragon’s Blood Tree for which the islands are well-known. The lengthy seclusion of the Socotra archipelago and also its tough heat and also drought have incorporated to produce an unique native plants and fauna. Botanists rank the plants of Socotra amongst the 10 most threatened island plants on the planet, and steps are being taken by the government to protect this unique and magnificent habitat.

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